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5.0 star rating Anonymous from uk



5.0 star rating Shakira B from london, brixton


lion king is the best musical i have seen, it relates to people of all ages and is everything needed for a great night out! when it finished i was gutted and didn;t really want to leave, i definately urge you to see it!!

5.0 star rating Mandy from UK


I am about to see this show for the second time this time taking my 5 year old son. It is breathtaking and has you spell bound from start to finish, the costumes, dancing, and music make for a show for all ages

5.0 star rating Craig from Edinburgh, Scotland


I went to the see the lion king on a school trip from Edinburgh in Scotland. At first i thought it would be rubbish but it was one of the best shows i have ever seen. The music to go with the show is absoloutely amazing and the way it is performed is brilliant. I would recommend this show to anyone!!!

5.0 star rating Anna from Sussex


I expected to enjoy this show as I had heard so many good things about it but it far exceeded my expectations.The costumes,truly imaginitive,the music,brilliant,the cast,faultless.Best show I have ever seen,highly recommended for all ages.Wonderful!!

5.0 star rating Karen, Southampton from United Kingdom.


This is without doubt the best show I have ever seen in my life - absolutely outstanding - full of colour, surprises and the most wonderful singing and music, which really touches the soul. I can't wait to see it again and can't recommend it highly enough.

5.0 star rating Tajminah from UK


I think that the show was spectacular. It was visually stunning and the song and dance acts were phenomenal. The costumes and the masks really brought the characters to life. My favourite character was Timone as he was throughly entertaining. I would recommend it to everyone.

5.0 star rating The Williams Family from uk


We took my daughter, who is 10, to see the Lion King a few weeks ago. We all loved it. It is the best show we have ever seen. The costumes and set are amazing. BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT. Rafiki is fantastic and the singing is superb. I was quite emotional in places. Will definitely see it again and again. No wonder it's been running for so long. FAB

5.0 star rating Mr Stephen Kay from UK


I love the Disney film so was hoping for something just as good, and i was not dissapointed. Me and my girlfriend were blown away by the costumes, dancing and specticle of the show. From start to finish i was glued to the actors and the energy of the cast was outstanding. I would watch this show again without hessitation it was worth every penny we paid. I think this show appeals to all ages and i advise you to go and see it, and you won't be let down. Hats off to the cast, orchestra, and all behind the scenes. Long may it run, long live The Lion King!!!

5.0 star rating Carol hall from grantham lincolnshire [ uk ]


i took my youngest son callum along with my husband to see this truly magnificent stage performance and i really enjoyed it as did callum and his dad we have never laughed so much ,if you aint been i truly recomend you get yourself and family to see it

5.0 star rating Aj_azza from Australia


We came from Australia to see this show after missing it during its short stint down under a few years back. We were not disappointed! The colours, the acting, the singing, the dancing & the music - all spectacular! We bought a few souveniers from the show (being typical tourists), one of those being the Broadway soundtrack which allows us to reminise again what a fantastic night we had at the Lyceum Theatre. We would love to see it again - one of the best experiences of our lives. We recommend the show whole heartedly to everyone considering going.

5.0 star rating J Burton from UK


My husband and I took our 12 year old granddaughter to see The Lion King yesterday. We all thoroughly enjoyed the show. We sat in Row J and had the experience of the cast walking past our seats. We have never enjoyed a show so much as this one. The cast, scenery, special effects and costumes were superb.

5.0 star rating Mark Nesbitt from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England


I took my girlfriend to london for a theatre break for her birthday and i was abit aprehensive about going to the theatre as i hadn,t been before, I have to say it was the best thing i have ever been to see it was amazing!!!!! i was captivated for the entire show as was my girlfriend!! It was FANTASTIC!!!!!!

5.0 star rating Vietnamese Jo Roberts from Chelsea in London.. from united kingdom


i loved it and i want to go back and see it again

5.0 star rating Megan, from Leicestershire, UK


I went to see this show in Febuary 2009 with my college group, we were all abit worried that we wouldnt enjoy it... it was the opposite. Noone had a bad word to say about it! It was amazing and just takes your breath. I was that mesmerised i couldnt even sing along!!!!! I wanted to watch it over and over again! The best bit by far was when Simba was older and looking into the pond to see his father, and the monkey is singing... this is immensly amazing!!!! I would reccommend this to any age, but it is definatly a must see! And watch out for that part above.

5.0 star rating Amanda from surrey


we went to see this yesterday i recommend anyone to see it it blew us away spellbinding will leave you wanting to watch it again and again

5.0 star rating F Ross from Liverpool , UK


Where do i start?, It was one of the best shows i have seen, The costumes were undiscribable, trying to explain them just does not give them justice!!, they were very imaginatative. From the Hyenas to the Monkey, the Lions to the Giraffes. amazing just does not cover it. I was on a weekend trip London to see the show with 7 other ladies ( ages from 19 to 70), and it was well worth it, from watching the show to seeing and hearing peoples reactions, and the childrens delight. A big thank you to all members of the show, It was great!.

5.0 star rating Lawrence Schrader from England


If I could only go and see one West End performance, it would have to be this. Got to be the best show I have ever seen, It has surpassed everything else I have viewed in The West End. I came out with goosepimples on my skin and my eyes flooded with tears, it was that good. Absolutely phenominal, cannot recommend it enough. I'm going down to London for a second viewing later in the year !

5.0 star rating S Martin from Lancashire


The opening did it for us. We sat in the stalls row M Seats 23-26. The elephant was within touching distance when it, and many more characters came down the aisles to the stage. Our heads didn't know which way to turn as the opening scene is so spectacular, the costumes are beyond belief and superbly designed and mastered by the cast. How anyone can say they didn't enjoy this is beyond me, the scene with the flying birds was amazing because the cast also flew some from the boxes allowing everyone in the theatre to feel involved. A MUST GO TO SEE IT SHOW DEFINATELY!!How did those men in the giraffe costumes do it so well?

5.0 star rating Beth from UK


out of this world, the best i have ever seen

5.0 star rating Elizabeth Bennett from Nottingham


This show is amazing ! The music is fab and Rafiki has the most incredible singing voice and natural acting talent that she not only will have you in tears but steals the show - which is no easy feat amongst a great cast.

5.0 star rating Zuzana from lonon


its mind blowing:-) the music, costumes and everything is just beautiful, strongly recomend to see it

5.0 star rating Philly Stein from London, UK.


I am not a lover of theatre and visit occasionally for my wife's benefit. I usually sleep through most of the show. Can't say that about Lion King at the Lyceum! From start (the amazing parade of "animals" on to the stage) to finish (a rousing finale) this is an amazing show. So vibrant and so colourful. Even a curmudgeon like me was moved to warm applause after each set-piece. Marvellous.

5.0 star rating Britt from Norway


Saw Lion King in 2000 with my daughter, sister and niece and we all loved it, and for me the best musical ever! I see a musical when each year alone visiting London, and have been 'dying' to see Lion King again, but with someone! At last, this year my husband and I are taking our 6 1/2 year old grandson to London to see it, and I am looking so much forward to it! My husband has so far only heard my praisings, but I am sure he'll love it. Our grandson has not yet learned English, so we have prepared with a Norwegian dubbed DVD. But the costumes and songs on stage are so fabulous that we think he will remember this event even if an unknown language! I only hope the performance will run for so many more years to come that we'll get the opportunity to take our other grandchildren to London to see it when they are around 7 years old, which will be in 2015 and 2017!!

5.0 star rating P Casey from Northern Ireland, UK


When I was told my group was going to be seeing the Lion King, i was unsure as I'd never seen the film before and it was regarded as a kids show. But i got such an eye opener, it was AMAZING! The cast interacted with the crowd, they were never out of tune, and it had my full attention at all times and i LOVED it. We stayed at the Rushmore Hotel and this was also really good as well and i must say this show was the highlight of our trip.

5.0 star rating The Davis Family from United Kingdom


We went to the Lyceum Theatre in London to see the Lion King on Thursday 19th August 2010. It was a family treat and it was amazing!!! The talent of the actors and actresses, singers and dancers was great and the way in which they brought the African creatures to life was enthralling!!!! We all thouroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone any where in the world. FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5.0 star rating Michael from Cleland , Scotland


Superb, Wonderful array of talent on display, had to give them a standing ovation, would love to go back for more. Sir Elton has created a classic.

5.0 star rating PAUL EELLS from UK


This was my first time to a Theatre breathtaking memorable still talking about it now !!

5.0 star rating C A Boyd from Darlington


Saw this product at the weekend and how fab we had aisle seats it is just totally amazing. Blew me away I have seen many many performances of different shows but this is by far and beyond the very very best.

5.0 star rating Wendy from South Africa


Absolutely amazing - brought tears to my eyes in the first minute and made me feel incredibly homesick, from the sunset sets to the starry night scenes.

5.0 star rating Ann sinden from Uk


I have just returned from seeing this show in London with my 20 year old son and 17 year old daughter. It was breathtaking from start to finish and I swear my son, who is a serving infantry soldier, had a tear in his eye several times!! We sat in the stalls in row k and had a fantastic view. I've seen many shows and this was definitely the best. It was suitable for all ages although younger kids really wouldn't appreciate it.

5.0 star rating Anonymous from London,


One of the most incredible things I have ever seen! A must-see.

5.0 star rating Dawn from London,


A fab opening to the show with the elephant coming down the aisle the singing the costumes and of course the entire crew were fab

5.0 star rating SJ from London,


I have just got back from London after seeing this show with my cousin. It is our favourite film of all time (we are 22 & 25!) so we was extremely excited to see the lion king at theatre and it did not disappoint! Absolutely amazing! The actors are fantastic the costumes are phenomenol. We sat in row G1,2 (restricted viewing) however I did not feel restricted! There is so much going on We was in awe of everything. I would recommend this show over & over! 3 words to sum it up... Fantastic amazing & breath taking! (: go and book it now!

5.0 star rating Tina from Ljubljana, Slovenia


When I was planning my trip to London with my friends we decided that we will see one of the musicals...we chose Lion king...we saw it on Tuesday sep 24th...and it was the most memorable experience in my life....costumes are awesome (my favorites are giraffes)..and than the voices-I had chills for whole performance. During He lives in you and Endless night I cried (yes I admit), I also laughed a lot too....from this phenomenal performers is hard to choose favorite but still I have one-is actor who plays Simba. I don't why but his voice just pulled me in the song and it's emotion......I wish to see musical again in the future

5.0 star rating Anonymous from the area of Utrecht, The Netherlands.


Saw it back in 2007 with school, when we were in London for 4 days (monday till thursday). I liked it so much, that the next time I visit London, I'll visit this show again!

5.0 star rating Anonymous from London,


5* show!! I saw this whilst on a weekend break in London for my anniversary, and it truly blew me away. Having wanted to see this for years, I hadn't anticipated how emotionally capturing the show could be. The cast were amazing actors, dancers and singers - especially Rafiki and Nala - their voices are very special and strike a chord inside when they sing. I highly recommend everyone to see this show. It is breathtakingly good.

5.0 star rating Anonymous from London,


The show is absolutely amazing ! The cast do an incredible job & you will absolutely love it. Best show around

5.0 star rating Anonymous from London,


I was surprised at how amazing the show was. Enjoyed it way too much.

5.0 star rating Qaisar Arbi from London,


1st time i went to see it and it's mind blowing, out of this world, best show in the world......

5.0 star rating Aliesha from London,


I have seen The Lion King at the Lyceum twice already and will be booking to see it again, it is truely a heart warming, beautiful, cultural and amazing performance with a truely fantastic cast... I personally appreciated every moment including the drummers and everyone else involved. I have recommeneded so many people to see this show and will continue to do so. Rafiki is hilarious and my favourite but I thouroughly enjoyed every actors contribution. A must see production too beautiful to be missed and so phenominal I am will to pay to see it as often as I can afford to.

5.0 star rating Greer from Bahamas


This show had me laughing, had me close to tears, and just had me in awe. I've watched the movie a million times, but this is a completely different experience. My heart was racing. Beautiful costumes and props, choreography was phenomenal. If you're thinking about seeing it, don't think, just go!!!!!

5.0 star rating Anne from London, England


Came to watch this with my 8 year old son. We both absolutely loved it. Opening scenes were magical and brought out emotions I was definitely not expecting. Beautifully done and great for all ages

5.0 star rating Monique from London


This the most amazing piece of theatre I have ever seen from actors to costumes to music flawless how did they get the lion face formed amazing black lady who played the monkey was my fav my kids loved it didn’t want it to end. It’s a most see show!!!

5.0 star rating James from London, England


I have to admit, I was not a fan of the Lion King so was not expecting to leave the theatre wishing I could see the show again. The actors were remarkable, the set was beautiful and I dare you not to get emotional when “He lives in you” is performed, the changing set at that point is purely magical. Go see this, you will not be disappointed

4.5 star rating H Q from york


Great show, the kids & adults loved it, it was my second time & I would recommend it to anyone. 3 members of our party felt that adult Nala was off key in all her numbers. Hope it was a one off!

4.5 star rating Johan Swensson from Åhus,Sweden


An absolute thrill to watch. We were mesmerized by the performances both individually and for the whole setting. A technically brilliant performance but also with a great bit of feeling and sense of humour. A show truly worth recommending! The Swensson family, Åhus Sweden

4.5 star rating Maja from London


My review is here:

4.5 star rating Rebecca from London,


This was fantastic. I had goose bumps when the performers walked through the audience at the start, I recommend you sit at the end as its fantastic when they walk right past you. You actually start to forget that its people dressed as animals! Could not look away throughout the whole performance. All performers put in a lot of passion. The guys who play timon and pumbaa were amazing as well as the monkey. Definitely recommend this. Was disappointed as kids were kicking mine and my families seats during the show but did not deter from the amazing performance.

4.0 star rating Annabel from london


I first saw lion king some years ago and loved it raved about it encouraged everyone to see it. I went to see it on Thursday night with my five year old daughter and my other daughter who first saw it when she was six. Myself and my daughter who had previously seen it were enjoying the show thoroughly until the adult Simba came on stage. His voice both speaking and singing was more suited to a Noel Coward play lion king is based in Africa and at one stage I wondered if this was a caucasian actor - I am hugely disappointed the rest of the cast resonated Africa but this actor is better suited to areas which are preferably not cultural bound as he seems to have lost his 'tone' the English language tones are very flat and this was direct evidence of mis casting someone in a massive role such as this. Having said that I will go and see it again once this actor has moved on and hopefully is replaced with someone who feels Africa and the story of lion king within their role.

4.0 star rating Sam Smethurst from Cambridgeshire, England


I anticipated this musical with much excitement and am glad to say, I was not disappointed. The production was exceptional. The cast, both in acting and singing, was phenomenal. The writing and directing was on point. The musical was sensational. I was impressed as a person can be and that was on top of all the hype this play has received. However, I have a couple critiques: - Half the new songs were incredible and the other half were not great. "He lives in you" is now one of my favourites and "Chow down" didn't seem to fit in my opinion. - George Asprey let me down a little - Scar is one of my favourite characters. He was the only person I recognised of the cast from a previous production and while he is an actor who knows his craft, this didn't seem like his role. He possessed the volume and ability but not the "evilness" and maliciousness that was so characterful with Jeremy Irons. All in all however, neither of these points could detract from the excellence that is The Lion King

3.0 star rating EM from London


Although the show was amazing, we didn't enjoy it as much as we should have as we were wrapped up in our jackets and scarves due to the strong breeze blowing through us. When I asked about it I was told thats the way it is and they couldn't/wouldn't do anything about it. Consideing I paid £260 for 3 tickets this was very upsetting and I wouldn't go back to see another show in the Lyceum Theatre. Show itself was amazing though.

3.0 star rating Sarah J from London, UK


Everyone I know who's seen the Lion King on stage could not sing its praises enough. Everyone I know (including me) watched and loved the film as a child. So it was with a heavy heart that I found myself comparing the two throughout the show, and finding the show wanting. There are two reasons I might give for this disappointment which may make you dismiss this review. The first is I was sitting right at the back of the Grand Circle - I could, therefore see all the stage-workings, and it lost a lot of impact from this angle. Still I paid £30 for a ticket! In my opinion, if the show is substandard from a seat, you shouldn't allow people to sit there: it's about quality and brand management. So my first advice is pay for the more expensive tickets if you're going to go at all. The second reason you might dismiss me, is that I consider the film to have been miles better. I can hear you already - well, it's a stage production, things have to change to make it work (Continued in next post)

3.0 star rating Sarah J from Anytown, AT 55555


That's true. And many of the ways in which it was adapted were brilliant, especially from the perspective of set-design. I actually really enjoyed the "Lionesses' Hunt", and many of the new numbers which added flavour to the setting. HOWEVER other additions, and interpretations of the original material, ended up giving the production the subtlety of a slap to the face, and ran dangerously-close to amateur. What was the point of Timon falling in the river, except to point out something which the actor had failed to convey in the stars scene: that Simaba's begining to feel uneasy at being care-free, that he's yearning to fill the gap which should've been filled by his destiny. What was the point of Scar morphing into Judge Claude Frollo to lust after young Nala, when Nala could've easily decided to hell with his politics, I'm going to look for help? The wilderbeast scene (probably for health and safety reasons) lacked any visceral quality (cont. in following post)

3.0 star rating Sarah J from London, UK


Anyway... I guess I should wrap up. It's not all bad. The dancing and singing is brilliant, even if I disliked many of the banally obvious lyrics in the English-language additions. I'm sure you could enjoy this show for what it is: a West End adaptation of a Broadway musical via Disney. But for anyone looking for the depth which is present in the film, you'll be disappointed. If the script is as deeply ingrained in your head as it is mine, you'll find it jarring, and at times, a poor replica. If however, you love spectacles, over-heart-wrenching power tunes beautifully sung, and you can barely remember the film, I'm sure this show-stopper will push all the right buttons and leave you well pleased. Even so, I can't help feeling that the actors and production as a whole, have gotten a little too cosy with their success. Whether subconsciously or not, I felt they were in too much of a hurry to get the job done, and perhaps that's just a sign that a show's been on for too long.

3.0 star rating Basia from London, England


I'v seen the show before, it was incredible. I took my family to see it this January and we all left pretty disappointed. The entire time we had a feeling that the show was incredibly rushed, the actors barely allowed each other to finish their line before speaking over each other. Young Nala and Simba need a few singing lessons before being cast in a show of this scale, there were moments when you couldn't even make out their speech. Some of the added jokes like 'this looks like a primary sheet' just seem out of place. The costume design and dancers were still as amazing as ever, but the acting seemed half arsed, and the entire show we felt like the actors couldn't wait to just get the show done and over with and go home.

3.0 star rating Luka from London, England


Went to see the lion king together with my family today. I think it is worth to see once, but byfar not as good as people say. The choreography was mediocre, some new songs and scenes added to the story were not as good either. The characters are not played by the correct actors in my view. Overall I'd give it 6/10. Not bad but not great either.

3.0 star rating Fabio from London, England


I went to see the show last night the 4th of may 2022. The costumes, colors and lights are amazing and I can see how much work has been done to create discographies like this. You can see though that it something happening from a very long time, the show has lost accuracy and you can feel it. The singing of the main characters did not impress me at all. The theater was EXTREMELY noise with people having food all the time long and disturbing constantly, that was very irritating, do you really need to have food during the show?!?!.

2.0 star rating M Barnes from London,


I saw Lion King in London about 6 years ago and it was without doubt one of the best shows I had ever seen. I returned last night and was sorely disappointed. The quality of singing by young Simba and young Nala was school production grade and Scar was not much better. At eye wateringly high prices, the whole cast should be outstanding. Clearly this is a big money making machine, but poor value for money. Costumes still fantastic but does not justify the highest prices in the West End.

2.0 star rating Cat Williams from Wirral england


What a poor man’s panto this was. I wanted to see this so much but sadly we all found it to be so lacking in anything. We left at the interval and we never do that. 5 of us paid a lot for these tickets but it was the biggest waste of money. Young simba was out of tune and it had no gusto!

1.5 star rating Peter from London


The hype surrounding this show had me anticipating a spectacle of colour and amazing choreography. Colourful it was, and some of the staging was impressive, but the poor singing, wooden acting and out of tune orchestra meant that I didn't enjoy it at all. There were plenty who did (including my 5 year old grand-daughter) but I was incredibly disappointed. There were some redeeming factors - the puppetry was OK (although nothing particularly innovative), some of the animals were impressive (giraffes and hyenas especially) and some of the cast had good voices, but I would not recommend it to anybody above the age of 8 or who has a modicum of taste. Spend your money on something else.

1.0 star rating Pinky from England


The opening scene was fantastic. Unfortunately it was all downhill from there. Despite great singing voices the show was dull. Most of the animals created by the puppeteers were only used in the opening and closing songs. The scenes were sparse and uneventful. The woman in front of me was so bored she reverted to reading articles on her mobile phone (which should have been switched off!) The family at the side of me could not keep their 9 year old awake. The publicity appears to show a production full of wonderful animals and exciting scenes. Not so. The orchestra played really well and the drummers on either side of the audience were brilliant. Expensive and overrated.

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EPIC Wonderful magical

Bringing such an epic landscape to life on the stage is quite a feat of creative skill that has yet to be matched anywhere else on stage.

Bringing such an epic landscape to life on the stage is quite a feat of creative skill that has yet to be matched anywhere else on stage...

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